In Porfirio's life, weaving and natural dyeing hold deep meaning and are part of his cultural identity—the basic understanding of his practice begins with a philosophy and spiritual belief that mother earth is a living being—and the art of weaving is an expression of that philosophy.

He comes from a family of at least four generations earning their living as artists with about 300 hundred years of experience. Porfirio Gutiérrez teaches workshops as often as possible. He aims is to share his passion and knowledge of this craft and its materials, and enable others to come away with a working knowledge for professional results. His workshops are immersive and intensive and are conducted using cochineal insects and other dyestuffs consistent with a working dyer and weaver's practice.

In addition to covering preparation of dyestuffs, warping the loom, dyeing and weaving procedures, these workshops examine design technique and preparation of yarn for dyeing or color choice and thread counts per inch. These workshops are aimed at all levels, from complete beginner to skilled practicing dyer or weaver.

Porfirio is working on details for his future workshops, so please check back here, follow his Instagram account, or sign up for his waiting list on this page.

Porfirio Gutiérrez at work in the studio