In our life, weaving and natural dyeing holds a deep meaning and is part of our cultural identity—the basic understanding of our practice begins with a philosophy and spiritual believe that mother earth is a living being just like us. Natural Dyes & Weaving are two master classes conducted by Master dyer Juana Gutiérrez and her husband, Antonio Lazo. Through these creative souls, the student will learn the deepest of both of our practices. Weaving as a form of expression and cultural narrative along with the spiritual beliefs of creating colors using plants and insects.

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Yarn dyed with cochineal

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Textile Study Retreat

Color Exploration



6 days (both natural dyes and weaving), or 3-day option (choose either natural dyes or weaving)

  • Immersive master classes in both natural dyeing and floor loom tapestry weaving (6 days)
  • Students will learn how to prepare a traditional indigo dye vat, grind dried pigments and explore an array of natural dye materials to create a spectrum of wool yarns for their own study collection.
  • Explore the history and practice of Zapotec weaving as it has evolved over centuries
  • Create your own small weaving from the yarns you’ve dyed
  • Stay in family studio guest rooms and enjoy shared family meals
  • Explore the pueblo during free time
  • Airport transfers or return to city at the end of your stay


$1600 USD for a 6-day workshop (both natural dyes and weaving)

$800 USD for a 3-day workshop (either natural dyes or weaving)


Workshops are currently full, but you may join the wait list if you would like to be notified when future workshops are scheduled in 2020. 

Wait List:

Wait List