Color Exploration

The process of creating color from nature starts with a basic understanding that mother earth is a living being and that the plants are also living beings. These plants are alive, just like us, and grown with thanks to the rain. The elders refer to the rain as divine, and without this divine power there will simply be no colors. These are part of our cultural values, and the process of creating colors from a natural source starts here.

The color exploration is an introduction to our natural dye practice and gives the participant an understanding of our basic values and philosophy. The students will have the opportunity to work with either the cochineal insects for red or anil (indigo) for blue, and to dye a small scarf.

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students in the studio of Porfirio Gutiérrez y Familia
Students in the studio of Porfirio Gutiérrez y Familia


3 hours

  • Choose either indigo (blue) or cochineal (red) and dye your own cotton scarf as a wearable Oaxacan memory
  • While your freshly dyed scarf is drying, enjoy a light lunch in the studio courtyard
  • Learn how these two eternal colors are transformed into an array of other hues
  • Tour the studio and gallery after your class
  • This short class can be combined with a morning trip to Teotitlán’s daily market, just ask us when signing up
  • A good option for individuals or groups of up to 6 students


$130 USD per student


Workshops are currently full, but you may join the wait list if you would like to be notified when future workshops are scheduled in 2020. 

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Wait List

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