This body of work is an expression of the convergence of the two worlds in which Porfirio’s soul dwells. He finds comfort and strength in materials that are traditional, simple, and honest. His pieces are made by hand without electricity, chemicals, or gas-driven machinery. These are the methods and natural fibers of his Zapotec ancestors that have endured for millennia and are still in use in Oaxaca where he was born.

And now Porfirio’s life is based in modern America, his second world. This environment strikes a hard contrast to the simplicity of his early years. The effects of a high-tech, fast paced, and complex world are at work on his need for expression. Urban life evokes a new interpretation of the ancient symbols that are at the base level of his psyche. He seeks to impart a tactile sense of order and peace through the use of natural media and simplified imagery that are unmistakably evolved from both his indigenous roots and urban life.